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“I know this seems too good to be true but I know it to be true. 
Plainly put, Richard is the unicorn of men. 

In all of the close to 20 years I’ve known Richard and sought his counsel, never once has he ever crossed a boundary. I feel it’s important to state this fact first because as women, I think it is important to know this fact upfront.

Not to mention, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is the most acutely self-aware male I have ever met. He is able to examine situations in a multidimensional way and then put forth a plan of action that always hits the target. He gently makes you aware of your own blind spots and then reinforces your gifts, gifts you might not have realized you had. Gifts that have been laying dormant for a long time because as women, we are mostly afraid of our own power. 

There have been many times his belief in me and my abilities has helped buoy me up and out of a dark swamp. He is like the deux ex machina — the person that suddenly shows up out of nowhere and helps with you EXACTLY what you need. 

There is no other male I have ever encountered in this field or in life that would be better suited to help women navigate through the storms of their own self-discovery, albeit a scary but exciting adventure indeed.”

Name: Chriselda P.
Occupation: Sex & Judgment, Photographer, Educator, Activist
Location: New Orleans LA / Austin, TX
Years: 2005-present

“I met Richard a few years ago just before covid. I was grieving the loss of a family member, had recently moved back to Fairfax and felt very alone. It had been a while since anyone was “on my side.” Being a Counseling Psychology graduate of CIIS I had had a lot of experience with therapy on both the recieving and the giving end. I knew I was not looking for a traditional “therapist” but more of a mentor; someone who could work more “intimately” than someone confined by the patient therapist box. Richard has provided me with listening and understanding in an always non judgemental fashion which is very important to me.

Unfortunately, In the midst of helping me “get back on track” with long term goals my life has been turned upside down by a horrific car accident and a pregnancy. Through all of this Richard has proved to be “committed to my long term well being”. He has and continues to offer me support through the hardest time of my life. He continues to check in with me offering help with “a variety of practical stuff” and “to talk” when I have really needed it. Richard is definitely not a “fair weather” person. He genuinly cares about people and is not in it just for the money or some ego trip. Richard is a true advocate, mentor and like a friend in many ways through and through. I highly recommend Richard to anyone looking for a geniune support system or who feels misunderstood or alone.“

Name: Hilary R.
Occupation: CIIS-grad, new-Mom
Location: Fairfax/Petaluma, CA
Years: 2019-present

“Richard is a gifted listener, finely attuned to one’s special problematic and able to rapidly assess one’s emotional terrain and its particular hotspots. He has a unique ability to imagine an array of possible outcomes and future possibilities in exquisite detail, which aid to broaden one’s perspective and illuminate one’s path. He will not just assist you in broadening your perspective of what is possible but he can also delineate a systematic path to get you there. He is deeply empathic and non-judgmental, and capable of holding a supportive space.  I highly recommend working with Richard. You will find in him a highly intuitive and resourceful coach who will be able to help you navigate relationship or career obstacles and lead you-through a process of inquiry-to possible resolutions that had not been heretofore in your field of vision. ”

Name: Sonia P. Abastado
Occupation: Yoga Therapist, MA Berkeley
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Years: 2013-present

“I have had the ongoing opportunity and absolute honor of working with Richard for the past 10 months on both business projects and personal development topics. Richard has such an intuitive way of feeling into any given situation and picking up on things in ways I had not previously been able to see myself. He’s able to observe a situation and ask just right questions to guide you into a forward thinking momentum or more deeply reflect upon and tease apart pivotal issues that sometimes I’m not even aware of myself. His talent for observation and gentle, yet effective communication are an absolute gift that provide opportunities for me to go deeper in my own journey, as well as trust more in all sides of our working relationship. If you’re in a place in your life where you’re ready to take on those big dreams or to dive into deep, personal transformation his multifaceted talents are the exact support system for these pivotal circumstances. His highly attuned intuition, genuine curiosity and logistical approaches are such a blessing and I’m grateful to have him in my life! Thank you for all you do!“

Name: Krysta C.
Occupation: Owner Symmetry Entertainment & Design, Symmetry Art Artistic Director
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Years:  2022

“Richard is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. He is thorough and comprehensive in his treatment of difficult situations. Every time I think I am coming at him with too many layers of challenge, he delivers creative solutions that knock my doubts out of the ballpark. Not only has Richard helped me come up with rapid action plans for my salon and generating more return clientele and interactive events, he helps me create solutions and possibilities addressing difficult family dynamics… which is transforming my relationship with my son. Richard is so resourceful and creative, compassionate and action oriented. If you’re looking for support from a coach who has a great capacity for being ingenious with difficult situations, you’ve found your match. I also really enjoy how easeful it is to discuss anything, and I feel like no detail is unheard… or not addressed. All my praises to Richard.”

Name: Lorelei Witte
Occupation: Vitaliti Salon Owner, Vitaliti Wellness Coach
Location: Fairfax, California
Years:  2017-current

“Richard was born to be a coach. He has an intelligence that is able to understand issues from all walks of life and compassionately process and offer solutions that work. He is an advocate for people to bring their natural gifts to the world; and can imagine it even bigger. Richard is humble, empathic and extremely smart. I have known Richard for 12 years, and in that time have seen him support and better the lives of many people.  I would absolutely recommend Richard as your coach.”

Name: Sarah Mangion
Occupation: Psychotherapist, MA CIIS
Location: Fairfax, California
Years: 2006-present

“Richard has been helping me navigate my life since the spring of 2006. He has helped me through marriage, divorce, re marriage, relocation and business development. I first approached Richard to help me with my resume. Through talking further he helped me discover that my true passion lied within being an entrepreneur and wanting to open my own business. He very patiently walked me through the details of what that would entail. At that time, I was clear that I was not at that moment ready for that undertaking. However, 6 years later with his encouragement and coaching I went on to open my business which has been a huge success. My business employs 20 people and generates $600,000 + in annual revenue. Coaching with Richard has been invaluable to me. He helped me to find and strengthen my confidence and my ability to create the life and dream I always envisioned for myself.” 

Name: Sarah Duffy
Occupation: Owner Buff Beauty Bar
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Years: 2006-present

“I have worked with Richard for over 20+ years and have never once doubted his counsel. He is brilliant, compassionate, intuitive and awake. He has helped me both with my personal life and relationships as well as given me wonderful input on my creative life and aspirations. I feel grateful that I have had the support of such a caring and intelligent person. Anyone would be lucky to work with him.”

Name: Peter Gizzi
Occupation: Poet, Professor U. Mass Amherst
Location: Northampton Region, Massachusettes
Years: 1990’s-present

“A Sage is defined in part as – ‘…widely respected for their wisdom, experience and judgment…’

I’m quite certain that many of Richard’s past colleagues, friends, business associates, co-workers, consulting and coaching clients including myself have been fortunate enough to benefit from his wise counsel. I’m also quite certain that you’ll find many honest and heartfelt examples described by others here on this site.

I know this because I have been the beneficiary of and watched him counsel countless times over many years – from across a room, over a meal, while simply walking down the street – often to new people I may have introduced him to – even to my extended family. To describe his skills as a gift I think is accurate. In part, it just flows out of him. He was born to help people.

The depth of Richard’s rich and varied experiences and his intelligence inform his capacity to offer broader perspective, pin point key issues or blind spots and help his clients make decisions and take action with new found confidence.

My personal path has often been very challenging – I was often in earlier chapters of my life out of control, on the brink and at the very edge of my own self-destruction even death and Richard was at his best offering calm solutions and was the rock I could grasp on to before drowning.

True healers establish their mastery and gain depth of character and competence through ongoing personal challenges or pain and struggle. As I’ve come to know Richard over many years and working with me in many stages of my life’s journey I know he has been humble within his own humanity and struggles that have helped him gain insights in to the deeper more complex workings of human mind and emotion – his own journey and his working with people like myself I believe has allowed him to stand with integrity and offer genuine love, compassion and respect for all people.

Believe me when I tell you that Richard has a lot to say – so be ready to cry and laugh and heal.

You will be in very caring and steady hands.”

Name: Max Calder
Occupation: Owner – Anytime Fitness Villanova, Licensed Master Trainer
Location: Philadelphia Area
Years: 1990’s – present

“It would be difficult for me to remember a time when I did not know Richard or was not able to benefit from his sage advice regarding possibly every aspect of my life: including navigating the complicated dynamics of the microcosm of orchestral politics, dealing with the aftermath of my personal family drama or finding the potential within myself to be how I want to be with the person I want to be with. The medium through which we have communicated has changed over the years from in-person to phone to video-chat- however irrespective of the medium or the passage of time, I have been grateful for his ongoing insight and guidance in profound matters both personal and professional.”

Name: John Stokes
Occupation: Musician, Professional Violoncellist, Founding member of Cuarteto Breton and Principal Cello ORCAM
Location: Madrid, Spain
Years: 1990’s – present

“Richard came into my life via a good friend and the experience I have with him couldn’t be more positive! His Guidance and Care continues to help me navigate challenges in innumerable ways. The way his brain works is astonishing to me and a perfect compliment for my own limitations. Richard is kind, understanding, open, practical, giving and a system genius. I have enjoyed getting to know him and sharing my challenges and wins with him. I very much look forward to more as Life is Change.”

Name: Harper A.
Occupation: Cultural Creative
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Years: 2018-Present

“Richard is the type of person and coach that listens to what you need and helps you to think differently about how to approach them in a way that allows you to think of all the possibilities without the anxiety that comes along with newness. This is essential for creatives as we always have to deal with new situations for entrepreneurship that make at least me, get bogged down in the “I don’t wanna-ness” of looking at new things. It was a pleasure to work with him.“

Name: Alison C.
Occupation: Jazz Vocalist, Jazz Educator
Location: Washington D.C.
Years: 2018-2020

“Richard’s warmth & genuineness puts me at ease.  With his care, sincerity & deep listening, he excels in offering perfect bits of reflective wisdom that ring true, at the perfect time, providing pivotal nuggets of insight that illuminate natural directive in my life.  I am so grateful to know you Richard, and grateful to have your caring & guidance in my life.”

Name: Jennaia Greene
Occupation: Business owner, Wellness practitioner, Community space organizer
Location: Fairfax, California
Years: 2017-current

“Richard is one of the most well-rounded coaches you’ll find. He not only provided thorough coaching analyses and suggestions about entrepreneurial endeavors and career options, but also insight on issues regarding family, spirituality, and finances. Also, his deep compassion and empathy was instrumental to assist as an evolved man for romantic relationship perspective. He has incredible attention to detail and is a great listener. The relevant detailed feedback he provided in summaries after our sessions was instrumental in my following up on tasks. He provided strategic big picture overviews and tactical information. He is very accessible and has helped with sudden urgent issues including accompanying me on a biz dev meeting with a potential business partner. I have always felt he had my best interests at heart. We cover a great deal in a session and I have gleaned great value from his business acumen and caring manner.”

Name: Wendy Albrecht
Occupation: Owner/CEO, Mermaid Escapades
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Years: 2016-Present

“Richard is a “knowledge base”. You can just ramble, he listens. He has the ability to pull out the “cool” things in you, that you never realized were there about yourself. He shines a flashlight on your life and helps you see your self worth. Then he helps you point in a direction and says “go”. It’s not work for Richard to do what he does. He’s like a key finder. Give him your honest time and tales, open up and show him your hopes and dreams – and he’ll find you the map you should follow. He’ll dream with you and help you find a new reality.”

“I’ve worked alongside Richard – he is a great listener and good at getting to the heart of issues and deconstructing them for action.”

Name: Jordan Shlain
Occupation: MD, CEO
Location: Ross California
Years: 2000-2003

“Richard has been a key thought-partner in many capacities over the years. Whether providing counsel on building a non-profit board, developing strategy around fund development to ensure fiscal responsibility, issues around branding or clarifying a mission —  or sharing insights on complex family and dating dynamics –  his breadth of knowledge and targeted consultation has been invaluable to me at every turn. He is a fantastic listener and really has a way of making one feel that the person you are talking to really understands. He is a very sophisticated thinker with a big heart.”

Name: Herve Ernest
Occupation: Non-profit Founder, Marketing Director
Location: San Francisco
Years: 1990’s – Present

“Richard is very gifted at quickly understanding the essence of a challenging situation and providing sage advice to navigate through the challenge in a grounded, strategic, and intelligent manner. I highly recommend him as a coach!“.

Name: Gaella Grace
Occupation: Writer, Author, Editor
Location: Fairfax, California
Years: 2017-current

“I started working with Richard about 6 years ago. I quickly discovered that he really has a talent for helping with relationships and particularly romantic relationships. He provides trust and safety. Over time I came to dig in with him around all of my life and I no longer felt any need to work with a traditional therapist. Richard is not invested in labels but rather showing up where you are and allowing you to feel fully seen. There is nothing I couldn’t share with him and I pretty much have shared everything. He has helped me with my business from time to time but mostly we’ve focused on my family background and my romantic life. He never projects himself and he has surprised me more than once with knowing my heart and not joining the chorus of my friends and allowing me to make mistakes. He is always there. He really understands dynamics between people. He has held my hand, given me esteem baths, listened at all hours and I am grateful for his consistent and loving support and belief in me and my happiness.

Name: Valerie J.
Occupation: Small Business owner
Location: Mill Valley, California
Years: 2017-present

“Richard is such a gem in this world. His ability to attune with his clients through deep listening, reflection, and guidance is remarkable. Richard has such a great skill at meeting people where they are at. He traverses different terrains of support, which allows him to meet the whole person rather than just a facet of their being. Career support, tangible next steps, relational guidance, and just good ol companionship to help people navigate the river of life. I’ve been working with Richard on and off for years now and each time we connect, I feel really listened to and cared for. He widens the lens of vision, helps me to see beyond the current season of my life and into the greater arc of my biggest dreams. And for that, I am grateful. Highly recommend working with him if your looking for someone with humility, skill, and authentic guidance. 

Name: Madeleine Sophia G.
Occupation: Craniosacral Therapist, Herbalist
Location: Houston, Texas
Years: 2018-present

“Richard is a hardworking ally whose commitment to his clients is easy to see in his enthusiastic and consistent support. When Richard takes on clients he is with them all the way, listening with his heart and mind to check in with individuals as whole people. His flexible and holistic philosophy helped me to feel fully seen by him, which I experienced as feeling safe and encouraging. Richard is a good listener whose thoughtful prompts and accurate mirroring showed me where I was, helped me decide where I wanted to go and guided me in developing realistic action steps to get there. The gentle reinforcement of being accountable to Richard as an outside ally motivated me to dig deeper and work smarter to accomplish my big dreams.”

Name: June McCrory
Occupation: Singer-songwriter
Location: Point Reyes Station California
Years: 2017-present

“I’d known Richard through community for over 6 years, he offered some support to me when I led an LGBTQIA+ event at a venue he was a regular at some years ago and we’d remained in dialog about a variety of professional and personal matters over the years.

Before engaging with Richard formally this past summer, I was feeling emotionally overwhelmed in regard to the new challenges I was facing as a founder and entrepreneur. Upleveling and scaling the work I do in the world is important to me, and it also comes with new challenges. I was feeling alone in my experience. Richard has supported me by deeply listening to what I was going through. Helped me to see how I wasn’t holding boundaries and alongside with me, working as a teammate, supported me with actions that not only protected me as a founder but also gave me the strength to face a challenging situation. This alone is great because I now have the confidence and strength to step into a bigger version of myself. These are important mindset breakthroughs for going to the next level. Richard’s support was the emotional and mindset shift I needed to get me through a ring of fire. His experience speaks volumes and his consulting chops were invaluable as a coach, AND his passion for supporting young women entrepreneurs like myself is genuinely felt. Thanks Richard!“

Name: Cindy M.
Occupation: Digital Marketer, M&A specialist, social-activist
Location: Santa Cruz/BayArea, CA
Years: 2023-present

“I have been receiving coaching from Richard around various issues in my life over the past fourteen years.  His wise counsel and out-of-the-box thinking helped me discern my vocational calling and, on a few different occasions, determine the next right move for myself professionally and geographically.  His coaching also helped me stay motivated and focused throughout the grueling process of writing a dissertation.  Richard is a master at the “art of living” and a loyal ally whose commitment and dedication to the people he coaches is a rare gift in today’s world.”

Name: Karin A.
Occupation: Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PhD.
Location: Washington, DC
Years:  2004-present

“I can’t say enough about how important Richard has been in helping me navigate life and career challenges. His guidance and support have been invaluable and I’m grateful for the perspicacity, empathy, and support he brings to our sessions.

Richard is intuitive, bright, and compassionate, with a unique insight into “the big picture”. I’d been feeling ‘stuck’, juggling a lot of pieces and questions about where I wanted to go next in my life, and how to do that. At our initial meeting he immediately provided practical and effective advice that helped me move from analysis and reflection to action. Importantly, his deep understanding of the artistic process and creative spirit combined with his background in the entrepreneurial / startup world resonated with me. With his help I was able to discern, set, and execute on actionable tasks and goals in the creative and professional realm. I’ve come to count on Richard’s counsel and support and I’m thrilled that he’s helped me shape a clear vision and tangible next steps. I’m excited for the future!”

Name: David V.
Occupation: Start-up Founder, Senior Manager Google/Facebook, AI Audio & Speech
Location: Fairfax, California
Years: 2022-present

“Richard has helped me for over two years now, during a time of major transitioning.  On several occasions, I have asked him for guidance and support, not only with some of my business ideas, but also in my personal relationships.  He is open-hearted, present, he thoroughly understands human behavior, and he listens earnestly.  He listens to me beyond what I even realize I’m sharing with him, which always blows my mind.  In each of our interactions, he sees the big picture, and easily brings me out of the hollows of my limited thoughts into an open space of clarity.  Richard offers a beautiful balance of both wisdom and practicality.

Now that I’m writing and publishing my ninth book, I have decided to hire Richard to assist me with marketing ideas, and to streamline the process.  He’s already offered me some pointers, which I completely overlooked.  It was a common sense and honest approach to enticing my audience, and immediately I knew he was onto something.  My book has taken on a whole new theme that I would have never thought about, which has added a great deal of depth to my story.  I’m very excited to move forward with Richard’s services, and feel like I’m finally going to break past the barriers in my career that have held me back in the past.  Every encounter with Richard leaves me feeling blessed, and extremely positive.  I highly recommend him for any kind of coaching you may need.  There is an authentic depth to him that you don’t find very often in a coach, or in a human being for that matter.”

Name: J. L. Forbes
Occupation: Published Author and Professional Tarot Card Reader
Location: Lagunitas, California
Years: 2015-Present

“Richard has been a long time supporter and ally of mine dating back to 2006.  Though I do a variety of kinds of coaching myself, I have brought many of my own difficulties to him for his reflections and insights.  I’ve always appreciated how caring, concerned, and helpful Richard consistently is. He shoots from the hip.  He’s a great listener, asks depth-provoking questions, and offers practical reflections and advice when appropriate.  He blends all of this with humor and a palpable care for my well-being and growth.  I’m deeply grateful for his ongoing support and really look forward to the times when we can get together and how he continually pushes me to expand.  I highly recommend an opportunity to seek counsel with Richard; he’s truly one of a kind.”

Name: Claire Rumore
Occupation: Coach & Counselor, CEO Your Sensual Wisdom
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Years: 2006-present

“My time with Richard has been very supportive during times of transitions and large decisions. In our discussions he has highlighted my strengths, helped me see the larger picture and explore all my options. Richard has a wide range of expertise, and always demonstrates a sense of being seen and holding a safe container. He has been instrumental in my getting in to a PhD program and working through emotional terrain.”

Name: Melinda B.
Occupation: PhD candidate, Pastor, Multi-disciplinary story based creative, mother
Location: Petaluma, California
Years: 2018-2020

“Richard’s true gift is simply his inspiring wisdom that will connect anyone to his or her true self. He really helped me uncover complex parts of myself and gave me a lot to work my way forward. I highly recommend working with Richard.”

Name: Ozlem P. Bishop
Occupation: Scientist, Financial Technologist, Strategic Advisor for Business Development, Partnerships & Alliances.
Location: Ross, California
Years: 2017-2018

“I have received counseling and coaching from Richard since I was an undergraduate at UC Berkeley over 10 years ago. He is a quick study and goal-oriented when you don’t have the focus or strength to be. He’s advised me on everything from university and grad school application details to advice in legal arbitration, financial planning and navigating my painful divorce. He is a great listener and provides a safe space to share intimate details. His counseling has been most valuable with romantic relationships and my difficult dynamics with my family. He is inherently empathetic and has a natural predisposition to problem-solve. He has a way of providing the right balance between listening, validating and understanding the heart of matters while also gently suggesting ways to get unstuck and to move beyond old patterns. I have continued to work with him after moving to NYC in 2009 and post-divorce he remains a primary emotional support and safe space. I’m also excited to get his valued advice and expertise as I embark on my own business venture in 2019.”

Name: Danielle Schmitz
Occupation: Free-lance Somalier
Location: New York City NY
Years: 2005-present

“Richards’s talent at listening, quickly assessing needs, reading my inner landscape, offering solid and sound support and guidance is truly phenomenal. He has a calming presence, no-nonsense attitude and ability to see my perspective as well as offer his view with kindness. His acknowledging my experience was a balm to me in a tumultuous time of growth.”

Name: Kat Steele
Occupation: Community Builder, Social Activist, Nature Activist
Location: Fairfax, CA
Years: 2018-present

“Richard is a master listener, and non-judgmental in his listening. He is very open and offers great ideas. He has helped me greatly to relax more in the process of finding things out. Richard has a worldly energy about him with a vast array of experiences he has learned from. Richard is a wonderful human being , I’m lucky to have met him and have the opportunity to get coaching from him.”

Name: Daniel Ross
Occupation: Musician, Body-Worker ( creator – Ross Technique – for energy release).
Location: Lagunitas, California
Years: 2018-current

“Working with Richard has helped me to collect and organize my thought process as well as putting some ideas into action. It’s like unlocking the potential for what has always been yet in a positive and grounded way. I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to work with Richard because the experience has been inspiring and beneficial. He also has a thorough understanding that life is malleable, flexible and that visions can change! When one falls off track, Richard’s approach to re-steering the course is compassionate, but effective. If one desires to change a career, build a business, or just build upon creative endeavors and goals, I highly recommend Richard.”

Name: Jay Aruta
Occupation: General Contactor, Volunteer Children’s Nature Guide.
Location: Lagunitas, California
Years: 2017-current

I was referred to Richard by a client he has consulted for over the years. He has been indispensable both as a business consultant and as a personal coach, and I can honestly say that my business would not be where it is right now without his immeasurable help.  He has assisted me every step of the way in the sometimes daunting process of launching a new community center. Richard is a very strategic thinker and combines practicality with a comprehensive understanding of the elements that help a new business succeed. He has also provided me with personal guidance, offering support and insight as I navigate the dynamics of team-building, stepping into a leadership role, and overcoming my own internal limits to success. Richard is patient, thorough, generous, skillful and smart, and I would recommend him as a life coach and as a consultant to anyone who is trying to start or grow their business.”

Name: Kym Kuzmic
Occupation: Teacher, Body-Worker, Founder of the Hive Marin community center
Location: San Geronimo, California
Years: 2018-current

“I first met Richard about 10 or more years ago. At the time I was trying to launch a wine, food and lifestyle brand/business. He provided a great deal of expertise and gave me many insights. We remained in contact over the years and in time I realized he could help me with various other parts of my life and I’ve sought him out as an ally and supporter with issues including a divorce and a difficult health journey and reclaiming my life thereafter.  I’ve also brought him in recently to help with my family’s interior design business, PRDP here in the UK. I really appreciate having Richard to turn to for his guidance as well as the practical resources he offers both regarding my professional and personal life.”
Name: Lucinda Parker Roberts
Occupation: Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Transplant Survivor
Location: Surrey, UK
Years: 2000’s-present

“Richard has been a life coach for me since I met him in 2005.  He came to get a haircut and we hit it off right away. Richard is a life-line.  He is the person you can call at 3am and he will pick up and listen. He counseled me through my divorce, while I lived abroad  – most recently with my PTSD after I was hit directly by hurricane Maria.  He has supported me through health issues and relationships.  He has been a beacon of hope through my struggles with nature and the harshness of life. He’s also helped me with my old salon and plans to launch a gallery. I highly recommend Richard because he takes true consideration while leading me through to conclusions of problems and helping me focus on new possibilties.  
(He is also a brilliant musician and juicer of all things).”

Regina Kearns
 Hair-Stylist/Salon Owner, Visual Artist/Painter
Location:  Vieques, Puerto Rico
Years: 2005-present

“I imagine I’m not the easiest person to coach and counsel. I’m aware of my own resistance, and I need someone who can hold that without feeling affronted or needing to label it as a character flaw. My need, desire and ability, or lack there of, to change deeply seeded core beliefs and patterning is handled through other channels and is not what I come to address in this process. My bs detector is set to high. I am more receptive to subtle persistence rather than big pushes, requiring time to receive and absorb input from a place of trust. Richard’s approach allows an organic relationship to develop. He possesses an sincere appreciation and understanding of creative process and personality. A community minded networker and dream builder, he is also a guy with lots of suggestions who has shown up to review proposals and applications and walk me through various processes as they present themselves.

Katherine D.
 Visual Artist, Maker, cancer survivor
Location: Key West, Florida
Years: 2005-present

“I’ve known Richard for many years, but I sought him out in 2014 for counseling as a 12 year relationship abruptly came to an end and I was very out of sorts. Richard is a great listener and has a special feel for the complexities of relationships and the dynamics that surround them. He provided patience, empathy and support as I traversed difficult emotional terrain helping me unpack it all and not allowing me to slip in to despair. His insights have helped me see my inner story more clearly and over time the “self-stories” he has reflected back have resonated with me, helped to ground me and see my way forward. I relocated to Thailand and continue to check in over Skype with Richard and receive support on a variety of key life topics. I endorse Richard wholeheartedly.”

Name: Eric Schurig
Occupation: Sound Designer/Pro Tools Audio engineer
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Years: 2014-present

“Working with Richard is like talking to a best friend who can understand what you need better than yourself. He was able to hear my creative but very disorganized ideas for my business and help me find structure and organization with just a few simple conversations. I was surprised how easily and quickly he was able to help me understand my goals and create a plan for success. In addition, Richard offers very insightful personal advice and I have found his coaching style to be inspirational as well as practical.“

Name: Holly B.
Occupation: Owner Mettacine, Yoga Teacher, Ceremony Leader
Location: Fairfax, CA
Years: 2018-present

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