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My practice is called Life is Change because we are temporal creatures - we experience ‘time’.

Life is always happening and change is always taking place whether we remain aware of it or not. I help you to set your intentions and direct the change in your life.

I have worked effectively with and counseled a wide range of persons, including people of all genders, of varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds, ranging in age, and with a diverse set of interests and circumstances living all over the world.

As human beings we are often extreme creatures of habit – and often continue to do that which is most familiar over that which is most beneficial. Many of us are imbued with contradictions – however those contradictions are also part of what make us interesting and reflect the richness of our individuality.

  • You can live with purpose.
  • You can bring things from your imagination to life.
  • You can overcome inertia.
  • You can let go of self-limiting beliefs.
  • You are more than your story.
  • You are more than all the things you are attached to and that are attached to you. You are a unique being capable of letting go of that which does not serve you and opening space for your true self to emerge.

    It is possible to attain health and balance with mind, body and soul, to develop positive relationships and to spend your time doing things that matter to you. You can thrive.

I Offer 4 Kinds of Coaching:

I will support you and counsel you as an individual and help you to unpack the various components of your life and the relationships that inform your reality.

  • Are you struggling with a narcissistic parent or old wounds?
  • Are you years into a partnership but feel you are taken for granted or not being truly seen?
  • Are you truly seen? Acknowledged? Accepted? Cherished?
  • Do you wish to have a better life work balance?
  • Are you able to self-care? Express yourself creatively?

You can make key shifts in your lifestyle. You can have healthier relationships. You can let go of self-limiting voices and overcome fear-based inertia. It starts with you.

I offer you tools, approaches, and perspective that can get you out of the feedback loop. I help you gain clarity, find your own truth, and work your way forward so you can be proactive and thrive. And if you are working through painful confusion I will support you however you need for however long you need it.

Tell me your story. Be heard. Direct the change.

Let’s break things down. What is it you want to accomplish? Who is it for? Why do you want to bring it about? What will it take?

Whether it’s for-profit or not-for-profit – many principles of success are the same.

Together we will:

  • Explore and clarify your vision.
  • Develop a strategy.
  • Identify a tactical plan.
  • Monitor that plan and course-correct as needed.

Together we identify your market/audience, develop your brand and communicate your uniqueness. Demonstrate benefits and efficacy.

Let’s bring it to life!

If you are job searching and are in need of a career coach, I will help you identify where you are and where you want to be. We will review your experience, talents, and skills and explore how you can move forward and leverage up in your current career or stage a shift to a new direction.

I will help prepare your interviewing skills, assist with utilizing LinkedIn and help you research any industry or field and determine if you need additional training or experience. I will review and help you edit your resume and cover letters, and advise you on how to get on an employers radar and expand your network.

I will also help you identify your passions. People tend to be happier and have better outcomes when they pursue things that they care about. If you feel stuck and can’t see how to get from where you are to somewhere else, I can help get out of the stuckness. I’m really good at helping find new possibilities you haven’t considered and supporting you through that.

I work with a lot of artists and creatives — people who are involved with spiritual development, health and wellness, academics, creative entrepreneurs – from yogini’s to urban gardeners, from avante garde digital artists to singer-songwriters, from spiritual guides to PhD candidates.

People who create original work, and form a life composite that focuses on more autonomy, living on their own terms grapple with a unique set of challenges.

“Are What They Do” people seek and require a particular kind of, and emphasis on – integration. Figuring out how to be self-generative, to create the work or experience or development – and generate the resources.

If you are an artist I will help you figure out where you are with your work and professional and artistic life – how to expand your audience reach or generate resources – I can help you edit your polemic, find a patron or launch a new social strategy.

If you are working on a dissertation, or starting a school of some kind, or creating a community resource for organic food or herbal remedies, or a healer creating transformative experiences for others – I will assist you forming a fully integrated life while working on your authentic voice and body of work.

You can be fully integrated.

How I Work

There are many modalities that involve counseling, personal dialog and one-on-one interaction.

I see the process as collaborative. I become “Team-You”. My role is to help you figure out what you need to figure out – and then go from there.

I provide a safe container for you to share. I am non-judgmental. I work on establishing trust and confidence. I explain at the outset my approach. I ask a lot of questions and am an active listener. I will be proactive and fully engaged with you. It’s your time and you are always in charge.

While it is useful at times to compartmentalize aspects of your life – I will always see you as a whole being. Wherever you go, there you are.

Many people work with me ongoing. I provide that place where you can go to be heard and to explore any aspect of your life. Some work with me for a specific focus area, others for their entire life stream. I have worked with people who have other modalities with other practitioners, and for some of my clients I am their person for everything.

I have gotten people through grief, divorces, PhD dissertations and so much more. I will meet where you are, on any aspect of your life.

Why Coaching

Coaching is just one label for a broad range of one-on-one dialog.

Most people benefit from some form of one-on-one counseling:

  • Organize and prioritize aspects of their lives.
  • Help unpack situations that are causing stress.
  • Provide insights and perspective.
  • Be heard and validated.
  • Someone else is paying attention.

Our lives are filled with different relationships and those dynamics can be provocative. It’s hard sometimes even for well-intended friends and family to be objective. They have their own baggage and pre-existing views of how they already see you. They often project their own ideas on to you or insert themselves into your life stream.

A good one-on-one dialog offers a safe space where you can tell your story without judgment and be acknowledged.

A good one-on-one dialog provides a layer of objectivity while also being able to grasp the unique conditions of your life.

A good one-on-one dialog will rally and motivate you to take action, increase your self-esteem and support your belief in yourself.

Coaching is also useful for practical things like career, business and non-profit aspirations. An effective coach for a creative or entrepreneur has a lot of experience and information and can help you create a strategic plan.

The best practitioners possess a deep understanding of the human condition and offer empathy, compassion, and a belief in your capacity to thrive.

Session Details

I offer maximum flexibility.

I do scheduled times and can offer someone a regular time. However, I’m a bit like an old fashioned ‘country doc with his black bag’ down the road. Once I know you, I’m very flexible and can often offer short notice, or just jump on the phone for however long we need. Some times I have a great 1-2 hour session with someone on a Monday and they are charged up and after a few days, they get wobbly and need a ‘booster’, and so we just hop on the phone for 17 minutes and get realigned. In those cases, I track time and pro-rate.

A full session is 90 minutes

You can schedule in 30 minute increments

Chat 15-20 minutes with no obligation

Because I really engage deeply with my clients:

Email recaps

I often do email recaps.


Short notice is possible by text, email and phone.

Tracking Time

We can text, phone or vid-chat for any length and I just track time.


I take PayPal, Venmo , Cash, and once I know you, check.

Ways to Connect

We can text on any system (whatsapp, imessage, signal), and sessions can be in-person if you are near enough. Most of my clients work with me via Phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype.

I’m available 7 days a week

and most hours with advance scheduling or in a short term crisis.


I’m committed to you.

Some people who work with me are on tight budgets. Often times they are working with me, in fact, to get something launched or to figure out how to get money to flow better in their lives. If we both feel there is a good fit, I will do my best to come up with a payment arrangement that works for both of us.

We can discuss details of my rates on the phone or through email. But my full rates are comparable to others in the industry who offer only 1 hour, whereas I offer 90 minutes for the same pricing. I’m also open to doing a block-rate where you pre-pay for a block of sessions at an agreed upon and discounted rate.

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